Internal Audit Outsourcing

Internal auditors assist in monitoring internal controls. Such periodic monitoring is essential in maintaining effective internal controls in alignment with changing objectives, environment, laws, resources, and risks. Other valuable activities provided by internal auditors include furnishing management with analysis, appraisals, counsel, and information on the activities they review; monitoring organizational ethics; evaluating emerging technologies; analyzing opportunities; assessing quality, economy, and efficiency in procurements of goods and services; and providing accurate and timely communication. Many governmental entities lack the resources necessary to maintain professional in-house internal audit staff. Outsourcing the internal audit function provides the governmental entity the opportunity to benefit from an effective internal audit function at an affordable cost. Our firm assists governmental entities by providing internal audit services that include using a risk-based approach to uncover potential risks that may otherwise go undetected and provide management with a critical tool for gauging and assessing entity-wide risk.

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