Services for Governmental Entities

Internal Controls
We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures, then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger.
Financial Statement Preparation
We provide assistance in preparing financial statements in accordance with the comprehensive and complex accounting standards applicable to governmental entities.
Audits and Other Engagements
We design the engagement to fulfill the level of assurance that will meet your needs. Our engagements include operational and performance audits, agreed-upon procedures, reviews, and compilations.
Forensic Accounting / Auditing
Forensic Accounting - also called financial forensics or forensic auditing - is an area of accounting that investigates actual, anticipated, or alleged improprieties or disputes.
Internal Audit Outsourcing
Internal audit outsourcing provides the governmental entity the opportunity to benefit from an effective internal audit function at an affordable cost.
Audit Finding Resolutions
Timely correction of audit findings can prevent or eliminate repeat audit findings and decrease the risk of loss, waste, and abuse.
Other Consulting Services
With our extensive experience with state and local governmental entities in Florida, we can assist you in achieving your accounting and auditing needs.

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